Tieto Introduces a New Integrated Triage Solution for the Central European Hospital Market

TietoTieto's hospital information system iMedOne now offers the Manchester Triage System as an integral part of the solution. The Manchester Triage System is a tool for categorizing the priority of patients who need critical emergency treatment. The Tieto solution offers doctors and nurses faster access to all critical patient data and provides standardized procedures for the initial assessment of patients in need of urgent care.

The solution allows treatment to be provided as quickly as possible, but still in a secure and traceable manner with clear identification of treatment responsibility. Patients are classified according to a five-level urgency system based on pain, blood loss, consciousness, temperature, and the duration of the medical emergency. The treatment priority is indicated by a color-based system that identifies the maximum waiting time before treatment is required.

"We are very pleased to demonstrate this new integrated triage solution at Medica, the World Forum for Medicine. The solution will help doctors and other healthcare professionals to improve the quality of care and ensure optimal time management in emergency care settings", says Michael Waldbrenner, vice president of Tieto Healthcare Central Europe.

For improved flexibility, other classification systems such as the Emergency Severity Index (ESI) can also be integrated into iMedOne.

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