Tieto Presents New Healthcare IT Solutions at WoHIT 2011

TietoAt the World of Health IT (WoHIT), Tieto will be demonstrating advanced solutions that optimize the management of healthcare operations, increase operational efficiency, and improve the quality of care.

Digital Self-Care and Decision Support
To address the rising number of chronic patients and decreasing healthcare workforce, Tieto has developed the digital Self-Care solution. This solution, an integral part of Tieto's integrated healthcare solutions, offers a combination of self-care and professional care. Diagnoses, laboratory results, medications, and jointly-edited care plans about patient health actions are published directly from the Electronic Patient Record to a web site that can be accessed by authorized patients. The built-in Decision Support System reduces medical errors in the care of patients. It displays a summary of the most-relevant patient data, treatment guidelines for the patient, and issues warnings about any adverse drug interactions. The key experiences and findings regarding the implementation of digital Self-Care in the Finland's second biggest city, Espoo, will be presented as part of the WoHIT 'Chronic Diseases Management' programme at 14:15 on 11 May.

Context-sensitive Desktop and process support for medical professionals
A key strength of Tieto's integrated healthcare solutions is the support for clinical pathways, providing healthcare professionals with active process guidance throughout the entire care process. According to Arto Ryymin, executive vice president of Tieto's healthcare and welfare business, "Our clients need integrated systems that automatically provide information and guidance. Our Medical Desktop is a great example of this; it offers a dynamic user interface that adjusts the information displayed based both on the role of the healthcare professional and the specific clinical pathways process stage of the patient. We are demonstrating the prototype of this solution at WoHIT."

National Patient Summary on a mobile access platform
Tieto will be demonstrating the Swedish National Patient Summary (known as NPÖ) and a new mobile access platform for it. The new mobile solution allows authorized healthcare and welfare professionals to obtain timely patient information regardless of the setting of the care provider - municipality, county council, or private care. The solution offers an overview of the patient's information, including diagnosis, medications, laboratory results, and other detailed journal information about caregivers and care personnel. For improved patient safety, it also displays a warning symbol for critical information about the patient (e.g., the existence of a drug allergy or infectious disease).

Mobile HIS access
Tieto will also be demonstrating its app for mobile HIS access. With the help of this solution, a doctor with heavy clinical workload can save valuable time as the mobile app offers access to virtually all medical results documents that are available in the HIS - including PDF documents, Word documents, and laboratory results. Doctors can also see important vital statistics, including blood pressure and pulse rate. On the move, doctors can also record brief notes on their patients, retrieve an overview of all of a patient’s previous treatment, and approve individual instructions.

WoHIT, the World of Health IT, will take place from 10-12 May in Budapest. Tieto will be demonstrating its integrated healthcare solutions in stand #829.

About Tieto
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