Tieto Mobile Solution Allows Askim to Lead the Way in Norway

TietoThe nurses in the Askim Municipality now have more time for patient care. The implementation in Askim of Tieto's improved mobile solution for reporting and documentation for community nursing has simplified employees' working lives. The nurses are now able to communicate with each other throughout the working day, giving the nurses greater flexibility and time savings by eliminating the need to communicate by telephone when events cause changes in the work schedule.

The Askim Municipality, a long-time Tieto customer, has been focusing on efficiency in the health and welfare sector for several years. One need was for ongoing communication between nurses and the central office throughout the working day. It is not rare for something unexpected to happen to a nurse during a home care visit (e.g., for a patient to fall and sustain injuries). The nurses can now communicate directly with each other, meaning that they can relieve each other and quickly and efficiently coordinate tasks throughout the working day.

Handheld PDAs in Community Nursing
Gerica Mobil Pleie, Tieto's mobile solution for nurses, helps in a number of ways. Nurses can document home visits directly, receive updated information on users, and access an overview of the patient's medicines.

The system includes functions for inputting full reports on site at users' homes, saving a lot of time and money. With mobile access, the system ensures that information and communication are automated and flow efficiently. This also contributes to greater security, as it eliminates situations in which key information about users does not reach its destination or, even worse, disappears completely.

Results: Major Savings and Better Services
The system has resulted in a better flow in the tasks and more efficient resource allocation. According to the Askim Municipality, the annual saving is approximately NOK 1.5 million. Even with these financial benefits, it is still the improved services and better patient care that have attracted attention both within and outside the municipality.

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