Agfa HealthCare to Highlight Portable DR and Preview DR Retrofit Solutions

Agfa HealthCareAgfa HealthCare will demonstrate its portable imaging solution, the DX-D 100, as well as preview the new DR retrofit solution, at the Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) 2012 Annual Meeting and Exposition, August 12-15 in Orlando, Florida. With the economical DR retrofit upgrade solution, facilities - regardless of their size or budgets - will be able to make the transition from analog film or computed radiography (CR) imaging to DR imaging, and experience the host of benefits that improve workflow and speed up exam time.

"We are excited to showcase our growing portfolio of DR solutions during the annual AHRA meeting," said Greg Cefalo, U.S. Digital Radiography Business Unit Manager. He continued, "At the AHRA, Radiology Administrators and other industry professionals come together to seek and discuss new, improved ways to enhance their department workflow, image quality and improve the bottom line. Our DR solutions, along with our entire imaging portfolio, can help them meet their objectives."

During AHRA, Agfa HealthCare will showcase and present the following products:

DX-D 100
The heavy duty, fully motorized, portable DR X-ray unit brings imaging to the field, enabling DR quality images to be captured in remote environments, at the patient bedside, or any place where space is limited. With its ergonomic design, the DX-D 100 is easily moved and operated by a single person for the improved quality and efficiency of bedside imaging. It delivers immediate previews and leading-edge resolution for a broad range of general radiography X-ray studies.

DR retrofit solution*
Agfa HealthCare's DR retrofit solution, a work in progress, is designed to enable facilities of all sizes to cost effectively make that critical move from analog to digital. Designed to work with current CR and film-based X-ray equipment, the 35x43 cm cassette-size detector fits into any standard bucky tray; thus allowing technologists to benefit from the DR workflow without a major equipment purchase. The DR retrofit solution will be offered with a choice of wireless Cesium Iodide (CsI) and tethered Gadolinium Oxysulfide (GOS) detectors; the wireless panels are able to be shared with other fixed or mobile Agfa HealthCare DR solutions for additional cost reduction. MUSICA2 and NX Workstation
All Agfa HealthCare CR and DR imaging systems include MUSICA2 image processing and the NX workstation. MUSICA2 is exam-independent and automatically and intelligently optimizes image quality and workflow. This results in excellent radiographic detail throughout the image, greatly reducing the need for manual activities such as window and leveling. The Agfa NX workstation enables a smooth connectivity to a facility's PACS, RIS or HIS. NX is designed for technologists. The NX workflow is highly configurable and intuitive for both CR and DR. NX provides a consistent user interface across your enterprise that can greatly reduce training requirements.

A fully integrated RIS/PACS/Reporting workflow solution for image management and reporting, IMPAX 6.5 offers numerous advantages that are further enhanced when used in conjunction with Agfa HealthCare's digital radiography solutions. Along with robust RIS and reporting solutions, the technology unites automated task management with clinical data and processing for a single reporting desktop. The system supports large volumes and complex navigations with various image-enabled support tools for operational efficiency.

*The DR retrofit solution is a Work in Progress. Not available in the U.S. or Canada.

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